Big story of a small project

by extasy on 13.10.2020 23:51

Glad to see everyone on our project. The project is still in the testing stage of new functions, but it does not bother us to post the news and tell you what we have done. To tell the truth, the team working on the project is too small, but the idea and implementation that these people have, the enthusiasm and perseverance, ideas and implementation, broken hours on one problem make this project unique in its kind. Lets go in order.

They began to take their roots back as far back as 2016, when I had the idea to unite people who have common musical interests, so that they could learn something new for themselves, expand their musical taste, be always aware of new products and always have an up-to-date music library at hand. When I was young in this business, I created my own personal page in the telegram, where I began to upload my favorite tracks. The name of the group was not chosen by chance, Metal live. The idea was to unite many people with one interest, music. At first I laid out, only what I liked myself, but over time, musical genres became more and more. He came up with a daily column in which he laid out 30 random tracks, which also influenced the expansion of his musical taste. Then my girlfriend helped me in this, who later became a wife.

As time went on, we already worked in two, expanded the audience and tried to shine on many sites. No, this is not black PR, as one might think, we were not supported by large channels, we were like a small fish in a large lake.

For the content of the channel, I used search from various thematic forums, YouTube, and file storages. Also, various similar radio stations with similar content were used. From such of them, musical groups were usually taken, and sometimes just compositions. Then it turned into more fun than just "channel development". Im already a fan of what Im posting, although I didnt always have the opportunity to listen to it, find out ... But it was already a fan, and I was a fan of such an undertaking.

It should be understood that I was very attached to one of the radio stations, she hooked me with her music. We usually have a variety of telegrams in our group. And there was music, and a musical genre that I liked. In my free time from the channel, I devoted time to this radio station. It belonged to a network of radio stations that changed their policy towards listeners. A terrible thing happened. Blocked access to listeners from my country. I had to use VPN :) But thats not the worst thing. A terrible thing happened in early 2020, when the network of radio stations changed policy again. The administration of the radio station wrote a post in their group on facebook and on their website. I felt so uncomfortable, because why, so many years were together and now she is not ??? It was very sorry for the situation. But theres nothing to be done.

As time went on ... I thought I needed to make my own radio station, with a huge variety of music, and be at least a little like a radio station that stopped broadcasting. The idea to make a radio station originated back in 2019, then I could not think what could come of it.

In 2020, a coincidence and my proposal to my friend, a programmer, did not take long. We started to develop the project. I am as an ideological creator, he is as an embodiment of ideas. We have done the main and great work on the radio and it is finished. Now the emphasis is on the site, its content.

The site itself was made as an addition to the main station. Our project is non-commercial and therefore we would like to do everything to make it convenient for you at any time to find out what is new at the radio station, what updates, what was played today, yesterday, or at the beginning of the week. Also for convenience, so that you always see what you have listened to, and do not miss something important. We would also plan for weeks of specific bands / music genres, contests and more. But everything is ahead and only your help and support is important to us! We dont need much, its enough just to listen to us, and always stay on our musical wave! With your support, we will write the continuation of the article. Let everyone envy!

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